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Evolving Digital Marketing With AI

Hello, Digital Marketing Degens, And Welcome To The Future!

This is my latest project and one that has come nearly 15 years in the making, with a plethora of successes and failures that I’ll be using as direct source material for bi-weekly contributions to an email newsletter like no other!

The Reverse Everything (R.E.E.) Newsletter will be focusing on growing wealth from algorithmic-based marketing using techniques primarily centred around SEO but also drifting beyond just this one specific field. You can expect a specific theme in each episode, as well as links to content I’ve recently been reading or watched, a range of career opportunities directly from my NEW recruitment agency (announcement coming on Monday) and a sponsor that makes this entire thing 100% FREE forever.

This is the only place you’ll be able to access my unabridged writings on how I am approaching marketing, business and entrepreneurship going forward.

This first episode will be a little bit different though, usually, we’ll go over specific topics or case studies, whereas this will be more of an introduction to what I think will be the future of all of our businesses and careers: Algorithmic Marketing.

And that is two-fold, meaning not only do I think our input (data gathering, analysis, predictive modelling etc) will be almost all run utilizing some form of AI or AI-backed tool, but also the output will as well, with everything from content creation to the actual scheduling being run by bots! Most people will see this as a bad thing, as a threat to them and the lives they’ve built, instead of seeing it as a way to make that life far more efficient than it ever has been before.

We can either endorse these technologies, maximize our uses of them or we will eventually die off to some larger corporation that has automated away our market or position; and I’m not saying this is going to happen anytime soon; there is a lot of bureaucracy to get through just for any of these things to be truly implemented but looking at the emerging technologies and there new capabilities, I don’t see a future where it’s not an eventuality.

So, let’s get ahead of the quite literal curve. Let’s understand how we can position ourselves in the best way possible going forward with a technology that has already bankrupted several of our peers.

This Episode Topic: Understanding Algorithmic Marketing 🔢

I hope my earlier explanation has already given you a clear understanding of what I mean by algorithmic marketing, but for those still a little confused, let me give you a bit more background on the terminology.

There isn’t one set definition, and there is a book with the same title, but it definitely wasn’t the first time somebody used the term… So, I think it’s still up for debate, and thus, I can once again slightly twist existing terminology to suit my own efforts; which in this case is the ability to essentially outsource any traditional digital marketing activity into a pipeline of AI efficiency using a variety of tools and technologies.

Just a year ago, AI-generated content was still easily distinguishable from human written content. Today, tools like GPT-4 offer near-human quality and and tools like Cuppa can make it optimized out the whazoo, drastically changing content creation strategies for almost every publisher on earth... And things will look very different just 12 months from now; the key to all of this is having as up-to-date an understanding as possible, and I am hoping my newsletter can be your main source but secondary, you can use AI to teach you more about AI…

So, let’s ask ChatGPT (GPT4 - You need Pro) for some ideas on how I can leverage algorithmic marketing (with specific tools and use cases) for an SEO agency:

It ended up giving me SIX different ways, with a dozen different tools, I asked it to summarize all six for you rather than making this newsletter four times longer:

These are very entry level ways to approach algorithmic marketing, and we will explore much more advanced, specific methods in future episodes, but the ideas are decent and simple to carry out - The specific examples they gave are fantastic too, and you can always ask for more ideas from the ones you liked and for it to filter out based on ones you didn’t.

Remember, these are AI tools that get better with the more training you give them, and whilst there is a degradation level over time with the amount of input, these sorts of AI conversations will level up your ideation and execution to new heights.

So stay tuned for episode #2 where we’ll be looking at how you can look at controlling AI outputs, giving a new meaning to being able to control the narrative as a marketer, and a case study where parasite SEO successfully manipulated Google’s SGE.

SEO, AI & Digital Marketing News 📰

A quick roundup of some of the things happening in this ever evolving industry.

Google SGE Is Testing Products In A Carousel

A prominent Indian SEO researcher, Kushal Bherwani, posted on X, that the SGE now has a carousel of products for certain queries:

This could show a likely path to monetization for Google when it comes to SGE, and a way for it to feed sponsored merchant feed products into it.

Google Releases An Updated SEO Starter Guide

For a long time, Google has had an SEO starter guide on their webmaster help center, however, they claim it wasn’t great for beginners and out-of-date.

The only issue is, the new version is even worse than the only one and has been flagged for giving advice like “putting your website on your business card:

Not really the “helpful content” you’d expect, aye!

New, Super Cheap OpenAI Models

The development team behind OpenAI recently announced last week that there are now new, cheaper and stronger text embedding models available for use -

This also meant that the GPT3.5 and GPT4 Turbo models were also both discounted and announced to be discounted soon with new model variations -

This means that using the GPT-3 Turbo model within a tool like Cuppa, you can generate optimized, rankable content for under $0.04c/1,000 words.

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What I’ve Been Reading & Watching 👨‍🎓

And you can check out my most recent YouTube interview, where I talk to James Oliver about building million dollar niche sites out of his now home in Bali!

Career Opportunities 💼

Once our new recruitment agency goes live, this segment will have career opportunities from across the SEO, AI and digital marketing industries.

Thank you for reading episode #1 of REE! We hope you’re looking forward to episode #2 on “controlling the narrative” utilizing parasite SEO in an AI world, which will be available on the 16th of February, 2024.