Controlling The Narrative 🎮

A parasite is usually known to harm and take advantage of the host body. However, the opposite applies to SEO, as it’s about symbiosis.

Welcome back to the Reverse Everything (R.E.E.) Newsletter, where we delve into the intricacies of deluded digital marketing investing degenaracy and try to piece together a portfolio worth well into the tens of millions of dollars. Today, we're taking control of our own destiny in an AI world that summarizes everything for users, with parasite SEO.

For those of you who joined us last time, we explored the concept of algorithmic marketing and how AI tools can amplify your efforts to new degrees. Now, let's put some words into action and show how we can adapt to using old techniques turned anew.

This Episode Topic: Controlling The Narrative 🎮

A parasite is usually known to harm and take advantage of the host body. However, the opposite applies to SEO, as it’s about symbiosis

You can leapfrog the top organic search results for your target keywords by publishing content on authoritative websites and online properties. These high-authority domains have the trust of search engines, and by extension, your content gets a slice of that trust pie.

But what makes parasite SEO, if not SEO in general, much easier to execute is artificial intelligence and the way most of these large companies are weighting them. Imagine controlling AI outputs, and shaping the narrative to your advantage, making sure that ChatGPT, SGE or Gemini said what you wanted it to say when a user asks a question about you, your brand or a client - That is power, that protects you going forward into an AI age and will be the next evolution in brand marketing and entity stacking.

And this isn’t exactly all that hard to do either, with AI, you can launch as many campaigns as you wish, thanks to one-click article and image generators, which you can use to create quality content for publishing on various platforms for your parasite SEO campaigns, making it far faster to execute than ever before.

You see, all of these models are still trained on data, and often that data is prioritzed depending on the domain it has come from, just like we have with traditional SEO and Google’s weighting sites dependant on link authority. The AI weights information and gives you a summary depending on what you asked it to do.

All we want to do, is reverse engineer the source of the AI, and be the top of the priority list to extract that information from.

Some great examples of UGC sites working very well recently have been publishing on LinkedIn Pulse and Quora. Like I said, it doesn’t take long with AI either! Just choose a keyword from your list, plug it into Cuppa, and let it create the article with images for you in minutes!

Just edit the generated content to your liking, which should take additional minutes, before publishing them to your choice of website. Rinse and repeat!

By leveraging third-party platforms, you're essentially directing the AI of search engines to favour your content, giving a whole new meaning to narrative control.

Later, I’ll show you how AI parasite SEO manipulated Google and appeared on top of organic search results. A marketer was able to dominate search results for competitive keywords. This wasn't just a fluke; it was a calculated move that paid off handsomely.

As we continue to explore the intersection of AI and digital marketing, watch out for the third issue of our newsletter, "Hacking Robots (Manipulating AI Output)." We'll dive deeper into the world of AI, exploring how we can bend these digital beings to our marketing will.

SEO, AI & Digital Marketing News 📰

This week has been massive in the SEO world, where developments took place that explain the current state of organic search as caused by the most recent algorithm updates.

Is Google killing your independent site, too?

It’s no secret that Google has devalued most content sites online and prioritised pages published on user-generated sites. However, its algo updates also affected content sites that meet the guidelines of what “helpful content” is.

HouseFresh is one of those sites, and it published an excellent deep-dive on the quality of Google search today (terrible). The piece also captures the angst and hopelessness that resonate with most web publishers nowadays.

If Google hasn’t killed your independent site yet, it will soon.

To further illustrate HouseFresh’s point, lots of people on X searched for the article’s title, only for the results to bury the actual article below Google’s snippet, Reddit, LinkedIn, and others that merely reshared the original piece.

While this drives home the point concerning problems regarding Google’s algorithm, it’s also ripe for opportunities others need to capitalise on. You can’t keep doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results because that’s textbook insanity.

Remember about the AI parasite SEO example I mentioned earlier? If you searched HouseFresh’s article title on Google now, you would probably see this page as one of the top results:

The page is published by Vaibhav Sharda of And if you click on his page, you can easily see that the article is created using his AI content generator tool!

Now this is what I call controlling your narrative!


If you’re sick and tired of seeing Reddit dominate search engines, expect to get even sicker.

A few days ago, Google paid Reddit $60 million dollars to gain real-time access to the community’s content to help train its language models to understand human writing styles and conversations better.

Why $60 million only? People say that Reddit is getting ready to go public, and this big news can help drive the prices of its stock higher.

This news doesn’t sound good for content site owners–they should expect their web pages to be deprioritised further and for Reddit to continue ruling search results.

My advice: adapt and overcome! Just because content sites aren’t as profitable as before doesn’t mean it’s the time of your business. Again, take control of your narrative–use parasite SEO to recoup lost traffic and income, build authority and trust using other platforms (social media, email), and more!

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